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Dear patient,

I trust this letter finds you and your family in good health. This has been a difficult and unprecedented time in our lives with the COVID19 pandemic and its consequences have been difficult and due to the fact a vaccine is not forthcoming in the near future, we will have to live life in a somewhat different way, particularly in relation to medical appointments.

With this in mind I am planning to do a start up clinic on Saturday 27th June. As there are a number of surgeries in the building we have to implement strict protocol regarding numbers. Saturday is the only available time to me. I will be seeing fewer patients than previously to reduce the risk of infection and to ensure you are not waiting and unduly. You will observe a number of changes, for example…

  • Prior to your appointment you will receive a phone call in relation to your present health and answer a few questions
  • If possible, please wear a facemask when attending
  • It is important that you wait in your car or outside the building until you receive a phone call advising you to enter
  • You will be asked the same questions when you arrive and have your temperature taken by contactless forehead thermometer. You will also be asked to use a hand sanitizer and you will be provided with a mask
  • It is important, if possible, that you attend the clinic alone or if you are elderly or it is a child who has the appointment, that they are accompanied by just one person
  • If you have already had your appointment cancelled due to the sudden lockdown you will be receiving a call offering you a new one

I would like to thank you for your understanding and cooperation under the circumstances but it is important that we all stay safe and the best approach is to be absolutely vigilant as we head into the future. Please feel free to call the practice and I will be happy to answer any queries you may have



Mervyn has provided a clinical fitting service for artificial eyes, lens, ears and all other facial prostheses for over thirty years.  He has served all the major Irish hospitals as well as Northern Ireland.

He first set up in private practice in 1979 having worked with Alfred Lesser from London and training with the Branemark Implant System in Gothenburg, Sweden.

All artificial eyes are fabricated individually for the patient and hand painted to match the companion eye perfectly and the shape is determined by the taking of an impression with soft impression material and wax modelling. It should be note that the procedure is painless.

Mervyn has a laboratory on site which means that any adjustments, say, a colour bias when the eye is completed can be rectified quickly  without the need to send it out of the country and the attendant delays involved.

:: Second eye with larger pupil for night use at no extra charge ::

*Does not apply to HSE patients with a medical card

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